Week of the Young Child

April 14 – 20, 2013

The Week of the Young Child is a great time for parents and child care providers to celebrate their partnership. High quality child care helps parents work without worry, helps providers develop their small businesses, and helps the employers in the community build a stable workforce.

Child care providers nurture and support children. They teach and coach through planned activities that meet children’s needs. Their collaboration with parents ensures that every child arrives at school with the tools to succeed. These early years ARE learning years, and the best programs have a play-based approach.  Here are some ways that high quality child care impacts children’s learning:

Giving time and materials to explore how the world worksHealthy Snack

Talking about everyday things to build language

Asking questions to spark creativity

Building a safe and comfortable learning space

Serving healthy foods to support physical development

Modeling peaceful problem-solving

Developing a sense of competence by repeating activities

The Week of the Young Child is a celebration of the potential of every child.  We thank all of the parents and child care providers who work for the success of the children in our community.