Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment

Community Action periodically completes a comprehensive assessment of community needs and an evaluation of the agency and the quality of services offered.  The information gleaned through this process serves as a framework for the strategic plan.

Data for our most recent Community Needs Assessment was compiled in 2021.  A workgroup, comprised of agency staff and board members, analyzed the data, developed statements of need and provided valuable input into the Community Needs Assessment document.  The document was reviewed and approved by the agency’s board of directors on December 16, 2021.

We recognize and appreciate all those who participated in this process – hundreds of low-income families, partner agencies, staff, and board members.  The valuable input of the community is crucial to the end result.  

Click here to review the 2021 Community Needs Assessment document.

Click here for the COVID-19 Community Needs Assessment

We recognized the need for a Community Assessment Update in response to a global health pandemic that has not only affected every community in the United States but has also led to the most significant economic disruption since the Great Depression. This assessment is an initial effort to capture some of the emerging needs in the community as well as to forecast how those needs may evolve over the coming weeks and months.

See New York State Community Action Association poverty statistics here.

The Community Needs Assessment addresses the community as a whole. Additionally, program-specific data is gathered and included in our Needs Assessment for our Head Start program.


For more information or to receive a printed copy of the Community Needs Assessment, contact Claudia Whitmire at 315.782.4900, extension 250.