Head Start is governed by a Policy Council, comprised of parents of Head Start students – with representatives from each of the centers – and community members. Responsibility and authority for program direction and policy development are shared between the volunteer Board of Directors and the Policy Council.

Head Start Policy Council, 2016-2017


Chris Champagne
Jessica Lowe
Jerrica O’Neil
Krystal Freeman
Vice Chair

Policy Council Members

Misty Bethea
Kathleen Crego
Yvette Duarte
Anne Garno
Holly Gould
Jessica Harris
Nina Hershey
Ashley Kornegay
Courtney Kulzer
Krystin LaBarge
Samantha Ogle
Tarisha Oglesby
Mel O’Leary
Rosa Perry
Karina Sheltray
Cristy Sobotka
Brandi Witt-Taylor