Save Energy and Money

With winter well underway, you may be looking for ways to cut back on your energy bills.  Our Weatherization Department has put together five tips that will help you keep those hard-earned dollars in your wallet.

1. Thermostat setting
When you are sleeping or not in the house, make sure you turn down the heat to around 65 instead of 70 or 75 degrees. 65 degrees will still keep the house warm enough so the pipes don’t freeze but won’t use up unneeded energy.

2. Windows 
Properly insulated walls have an “R” rating for about 15-20. A single pane glass window only as an “R” rating of 1. A great way to add another layer of protection against the cold is to put up plastic in front of the windows to seal the cold out.

3. Air Sealing
Many doors may have a gap at the bottom that lets cold air in. Install a door sweep to help seal up those drafty doors.

4. Water heating
Did you know that the water heater takes up about 15%-40% of your energy bill? A lot of water heaters are set at 140 degrees. Turn it down to 120, and you will see immediate savings!

5. Lighting
The best for last….This tip isn’t just for winter but it’s so important that we had to add it. The lights in your home can account for 30% of your total energy bill. Remember to turn off lights when you don’t need them. Literally, one second of flipping a switch can save you hundreds every year!

We hope you find these tips useful.  Please contact us to share your own great tips or home remedies.