Girl Scouts Conduct Community Service Project

For many, the household budget is stretched so thin, it can be a challenge to purchase even the most basic everyday supplies.  Toilet paper is no exception.  It cannot be purchased with Food Stamps, and it is one of the most sought-after items at area food pantries and charitable organizations.  The Girl Scouts of NNYPenn Pathways Troop 50095 (Alexandria Bay, NY) set out to do something about this problem.  They organized a toilet paper drive, encouraging donations at drop boxes located at various businesses throughout Clayton and Alexandria Bay.  These motivated gals even hosted a lemonade stand for additional support.  With a little help from Tunes 92.5 FM, they produced a radio commercial to promote their campaign.  Their effort paid off, and they raised 696 rolls of toilet paper to support local area food pantries, including the pantry housed at the Community Action Planning Council.

The project was coordinated under the auspices of Community Action Angels, a statewide initiative that encourages volunteer support of the Community Action mission.  Many thanks to the enthusiastic Girl Scouts (and parents) of NNYPenn Pathways Troop 50095 for making a difference in their community!


Pictured, from left:
Kaela Mellowship, Paige Sulski, Rylynn Bain and Hallie Bain.  Also assisting in the project but not available for the photo:  Elizabeth Costello and Cherica Smith.