Child Care Provider Appreciation Day: May 6, 2016

Registered and Licensed child care providers, in Centers and in home-based programs, have a huge impact on families and communities. These are people who complete annual training, follow New York State regulations, allow regular unannounced inspections, and work with parents to meet the needs of children. They support learning and development, preparing children for future success and allowing friendship, joy, and security every day. Child care providers are nurses, custodians and comedians.  They are teachers, providing individualized and purposeful lessons each day.  They connect families to needed resources and build a child’s very first community.  They are excellent listeners, observers and problem solvers.  Their administrative tasks are vast and time consuming, often requiring long hours.  They are playwrights, actors and directors.  They are promoters of creativity and independence.  Most of all, they are providers of secure, stable and loving environments for over 11 million children in the United States. The second Sunday in May has long been recognized as the day to honor mothers and their commitment to children.  Nationally, the Friday  before Mother’s day, May 6th, is Provider Appreciation Day, a special day to recognize child care providers, teachers, school-age program staff, child care center directors and staff, and all those who work with children and are responsible for their education and care.

 “Every day, licensed and registered child care providers care for hundreds of children under the age of 5 in Jefferson and Lewis Counties,” says Cathy Brodeur, Director of Jefferson-Lewis Childcare Project. “The children, parents and employers of Jefferson and Lewis Counties depend on our child care providers. May 6th is the day to recognize the hard work and dedication of these providers and to acknowledge their contributions to high-quality early care and learning.”

“Child care providers are central to a quality child care system and Provider Appreciation Day is the time to tell providers everywhere we recognize and value their important work,” said Lynette M. Fraga, Ph.D., Executive Director of Child Care Aware® of America, the host organization of Provider Appreciation Day.

For more information about Jefferson-Lewis Childcare Project, contact Cathy Brodeur at 315.782.4900, ext. 240.