Weatherization Day is October 30, 2020

Community Action ThemeThe Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) was signed into law over 40 years ago by President Gerald Ford on August 14, 1976. Here are a few facts about this valuable program:

  • The WAP provides energy savings to American families, health & safety benefits, rewarding careers, & new technology.
  • Every dollar invested in WAP returns $4.50 to society in energy, health, and safety benefits.
  • Over the last 10 years, our WAP has saved Jefferson County residents $2,954,803 in energy costs.
  • Our WAP staff has attended 867 hours of training during FY 20 to ensure they are current on weatherization and safety measures.

The WAP improves indoor air quality and reduces potential asthma triggers like mold and dust. The National WAP Evaluation found that residents also missed fewer days of work/school and had less out of pocket medical costs after weatherization. During COVID19, having an energy-efficient, safe, and comfortable home is critical for seniors and medically vulnerable individuals sheltering at home in the heat of summer. Our agency has quickly adapted, implementing new training and safety protocols to ensure our staff can continue to deliver weatherization safely.

In a time when there is chronic unemployment throughout Jefferson County and the nation, many in the county are looking to weatherization and energy efficiency programs to create much-needed jobs. Not only does the Weatherization Assistance Program help low-income families and individuals lower their home energy costs; increase their health, safety, and comfort; and improve the quality of housing stock in communities around the state – the Weatherization Assistance Program creates jobs. While there has been much job loss throughout the region, the Community Action Planning Council of Jefferson County, Inc. continues to seek talented workers for this valuable work. Expanding community economic opportunities for all through sustainable development. Helping families in crisis by providing services that allow them to stay in their homes.

Training WAP Collage

Weatherization Works!