Warrant Officer Association Supports Community Action

The Thousand Islands Chapter of the US Army Warrant Officer Association made a gift of $350 to the Community Action Food Pantry.  Each year, the group supports local charities through proceeds earned through various fundraising initiatives, including the sale of funnel cakes during Mountain Fest.

Pictured from left: CW3 Katherine Ixtlahuac, CW4 Ernie Ixtlahuac, CW3 (R) John Hardy, CW2 David Copeland, CAPC Executive Director Melinda Gault, CW2 Jacob Greene, CW3 Julio Hall, and CW2 Nicholas Penna.

Not present for the photo, CW2 Wendolin Langston thanked her colleagues for their efforts in making and selling funnel cakes: WO1 McFadden, CW2 Carter, CW2 Torres, CW2 Sherman and CW2 Murray.

Community Action thanks these fine individuals for their service to both country and community!