Meet our Head Start/Pre-K Director


Melissa Jenkins is a living example of the value of the impact of quality early childhood programs. She began her relationship with Community Action Planning Council as a Head Start parent when her child was enrolled in the Carthage Head Start program. When the opportunity to work as a teacher in the Carthage program became available, Melissa applied and her adventure began! She found her purpose. After working as a teacher, she became the Carthage Center Coordinator, then she moved on to become a Specialist and ultimately became our Head Start/Pre-K Director during the summer of 2021, overseeing both early childhood education programs.

Our Early Childhood programs operate 14 Head Start classrooms and 3 home-based Head Start programs in Jefferson County. We partner with the Indian River School district to offer 6 Pre-K double session programs and with Watertown School District to offer 4 single session Pre-K and one Pre-K program at Sackets Harbor School District. 

Melissa shares her passion with her staff ensuring that children grow, learn and leave our programs prepared to enter school with a solid academic foundation. She also understands that parents are the best first teachers and encourages them to reach their own potential, possibly as one of our own staff!

We are so fortunate that Melissa is on our Leadership Team!