It Takes Energy to Save Energy

What is energy? Energy, by definition, is the ability to do work. We use so much energy that we don’t even think about where and when it’s being used. One place you may not think of energy being used is in your home. When you think about your electric bill, it might give you an eye opener to how much energy your home is using.

In New York State, millions of people are beginning to see an increase in energy costs for their homes. Companies that supply electricity and gas to homes are planning to increase the cost of electricity by 3% every year. Personal residences are not the only places to see a higher bill; some stores have already seen an increase in insulation costs over the last 10 years from 20% to 30%.  Unfortunately an increase in your bill doesn’t come with an increase in your monthly budget allowance. So what can you do as a homeowner?

A great way to save energy is to use energy. If you spend a little and follow a few tips, you can save a lot. Insulation is great all year round. It keeps the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. A roll of plastic at your local store costs about $15-$20 a roll. Painter’s tape or staples may cost $10. Use them to seal the windows to add an extra barrier against the cold. Your savings will be returned to you in less than one season alone.

You can also take an old towel, roll it up and place it under the door. It’s free and just takes some energy. Even though insulation costs have gone up, you will still see the biggest return on your investment if you add a few extra inches. You can even cut costs by renting a machine instead of hiring a contractor.  If you have a light on in the other room, turn it off. Just think that every second you have a light on, it’s burning your money. If you have dirty dishes, fill up your sink and wash them by hand instead of putting them in the dish washer.

There are some factors we cannot control, but we can still lower our energy costs by using our own personal energy. Think of your house like a piggy bank you put money in. Every day you save a few cents and at the end of the month, those cents turn into dollars. Just remember, it’s cheaper to use your own energy than to buy it.  
Not sure where to start in your energy-saving process? The guys at Community Action Planning Council’s Weatherization Department are there to answer your questions and give tips and suggestions. If you are a Jefferson County resident and need more than a few tips, there are applications available for assistance through the Weatherization Department.

Please contact us for more information or call 315.788.4388.