Community Action: Annual Report to the Community

Community Action provides several different services to a broad cross-section of the community.  People turn to Community Action for emergency food, assistance with tuition for vocational education, child care provider training, early childhood education, energy efficient improvements to homes, and a host of other support services.  Community Action is part of a national network of agencies, dedicated to helping people to become self-sufficient yet each agency is unique in that it develops services in response to the specific needs of its home community.

Community Action addresses multiple needs across multiple platforms.  It is not uncommon for Community Action to work with a family or individual over the long term.  This impacts the methodology we apply to counting our customers.  As a Community Action agency, we are held to the highest standards of accountability, closely monitoring and reporting outcomes to a number of funding sources – all of whom routinely conduct comprehensive audits and site visits.  Our primary funding source, Community Services Block Grant, recommends that we count each customer only once during a given year, regardless of the number or frequency of services accessed.

With that in mind, it is staggering to consider that we served a total of 10,259 individuals during 2013.  If we were to count our customers each time they access a Community Action service, that number would increase exponentially.

Check out our Annual Report to learn more about Community Action and its impact on the community.  Or come visit us and see Community Action at work.  For a tour of our facilities, contact Dawn Cole at 315.782.4900, ext. 250.  Front Cover