Community Action at Work: Read All About It

The Annual Report for 2014 is now available.  The report highlights outcomes associated with each of the agency’s program areas: Head Start/Pre-K, Housing & Energy Services, Jefferson-Lewis Childcare Project and the Family Center.

CoverAs noted in the report, Community Action Planning Council served a total of 10,571 unduplicated individuals – or 4,124 unduplicated families – during the course of the year.  What is the significance of unduplicated customer counts?  As a Community Action agency, we frequently work with families and individuals over the long term.  The issues relating to poverty are complex and require a comprehensive approach.  Even though many of our customers access multiple services, we count them only once during a given year.  We believe that this methodology provides our constituents with a more accurate picture of the work of Community Action.

It is important to note that the Annual Report for 2014 provides a brief overview of the many services offered at Community Action.  For more information, please contact us and schedule a tour … and see Community Action at work!

In the meantime, click here to view or download the Annual Report for 2014.