Success Skills Abound at BOCES

Earlier today, we entered a classroom at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES where we were warmly greeted by a group of community-minded students.  A sign hanging on the classroom wall promoted “Success Skills.”  It wasn’t long before we realized that these students truly exemplify the skills for success: communication, teamwork, professionalism, hard work and dedication.  The Skills USA students at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES collected food, personal care items, vegetable seeds and cash in support of Community Action’s programs for low-income families.  To encourage donations, students created posters, spoke publicly about the need in the local community and knocked on doors.  Their efforts paid off, as they collected 5,725 items and $250 in support of Community Action.  They even loaded the truck!

Special thanks to Kellie Sherm, Monica Hosley and Sarah Maphey for coordinating the drive.  And thanks to all those enrolled in the Skills USA Program at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES for making a difference in the community and for inspiring others to do the same.  Great work!


BOCES Skills USA Students Food Drive Apr 14 2015

Pictured, from left: Tyler Clark, Angel Dillon, Brianna Augustus, Brandi Denton, Tom Ennis, Cody Lilley, Kellie Sherm, Todd Thompson, Monica Hosley, Mary Hoistion of CAPC, and Sarah Maphey.