Community Action angels

Community Action Angels

The Community Action Angels was founded by a woman who once received services through her local Community Action Agency.  Part of a statewide network the program works to bring together volunteers and community members who are looking to give back to their community.  As the founder states:  “The greatest opportunity we offer is the opportunity to give back.  As a receiver of many blessings, I recognize that with blessings come responsibilities, responsibilities that focus on the needs of others.”

angelscaCommunity Action Angels is a statewide initiative that connects people who want to give back to their community with those in need.   Community Action Planning Council of Jefferson County, Inc. has become a member of Community Action Angels and encourages people who would like to give back to their community to seek out ways to be involved and contribute. Our Community Action Angels Advisory Committee includes Getting Ahead Graduates who have the desire to give back and enrich our communities in Jefferson County.

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If you have any questions, are interested in joining our organization, or if you have anything you would like to donate, please call 315-782-4900, ext. 257.