Nutrition – Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

The Jefferson-Lewis Childcare Project is a sponsoring agency for the NYS Department of Health Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The CACFP assists and trains child care providers to serve nutritious meals to children in their care, help children develop sound nutritional habits and financially assist providers with the cost of nutritious foods they serve in their program. Providers are reimbursed for meals that meet nutritional and documentation standards. For more information about the CACFP, call 315.782.4900 ext 289.

Benefits of the Child & Adult Care Food Program  

Benefits for the ChildThe Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) offers lifetime benefits. Proper nutrition during the early years of childhood ensures appropriate development and reduces physical and educational problems later in life. The preschool years are when eating patterns and habits are being established that may determine the quality of one’s diet throughout life. Children who are in day care with providers who participate in the CACFP are given the opportunity of nutrition education by providers who understand their role in shaping attitudes toward the acceptance of nutritious foods. Providers create an atmosphere that instills a positive, curious attitude about food from the earliest years.

Benefits for the ParentsParents are assured that their children will be served high quality meals. The benefit is children are less likely to experience fatigue and illness, and less time a parent must be absent from work. The child is also more likely to be healthy, happy and develop at a normal physical, emotional and intellectual pace.

Benefits for the Family Child Care Provider Providers receive valuable nutrition education that helps them know the proper foods to feed children in amounts appropriate for these young age groups. They receive help through nutrition education and personal visits from CACFP staff in understanding how to encourage positive eating habits that will benefit a child throughout life. They help children make healthy choices for their meal and snack foods that will last a lifetime.

Benefits for the Community Because of the CACFP, the federal tax monies are returned to the provider’s state and invested in the health of the community’s children. The added revenue is the means of helping to keep child care costs down for employees working in the community. Since only regulated providers are eligible to participate in the program, this provides an incentive for unlicensed providers to comply with local child care ordinances.

Nutrition – CACFP Online Resources

Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a nutrition education and meal reimbursement program helping providers serve nutritious and safely prepared meals and snacks to children and adults in daycare settings.

KidKare offers business management software for all aspects of the child care food program and for the home daycare and center daycare markets.

ChooseMyPlate is a source of information, tips, recipes and discussion about nutrition and developing healthy habits from the US Department of Agriculture.