Employer Resource Network

Jefferson County Employer Resource Network (JCERN)

Employer Resource Network is a group of businesses in our community who invest in a shared Success Coach to support their employers. Community Action Planning Council coordinates the network, and is the ’employer of record’ for the Success Coach.

The start-up funding was provided through a grant from the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI), to help people sustain the changes and growth that can result from moving out of poverty.

In addition to having a Success Coach on-site weekly, at scheduled times and locations that meet the needs of employees, the businesses also meet periodically with the Success Coach and local partners to share ideas and concerns the workers face, and to develop and deliver solutions and resources which benefit the community as a whole.

What is a Success Coach?

Success Coaches work with each company to learn the policies, benefits, and structure of the business- before they even speak with any employee. They are an on-site resource for situations such as personal budget issues, child care questions, transportation issues, family changes, insurance contacts, conflicts at work or home, stress, housing, etc. Success Coaches listen, and help navigate agencies and organizations that can help. They cheer for  steps forward and encourage positive change. A Success Coach can give the push an employee needs to ask for a promotion or to resolve coworker tension.

Success Coaches are available by email, text, and phone to follow-up, so the employee can return to the job, confident in a partner who listened, and know that progress is being made and the Success Coach is working on their behalf.

Everything said to a Success Coach is confidential (as long as there is no imminent threat to anyone revealed). Businesses review trends and themes to prioritize any changes needed, but they don’t have access to identifying information of people who access the Success Coach.

Current JCERN members are Community Action Planning Council, Jefferson Rehabilitation Center, The Watertown Family YMCA, and Samaritan Health System. We would welcome new employers to our network.

Robert Jansen is the Success Coach and can be reached at rjansen@capcjc.org or 315-782-4900, ext 233.

Cathy Brodeur is the JCERN Coordinator.